Tuesday, 30th August, 2011
Still 2011?

I fail. So much.

Also- to tack on more excuses- the system isn’t letting me upload the pages. Blame it on the system! Threw it on the ground!

David Fincher + George Michael = YES!

I do so love Matt Berry. His great delivery and awesome voice! This kid’s gonna be a star!

And The Dark Knight Rises was pretty perfect. Case closed.

Superman’s looking hot…
Man of Steel with Gladiator
Man of Steel with Postman

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Monday, 8th February, 2010
Not His Willy!

Yes! Because guys love naming stuff! But they’re usually named after girl’s aren’t they? Like “Enterprise”?

Y’know what’s really cool? The 2010 Oscar nominations for best animated short!

The Lady and The Reaper

Granny O’ Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty

French Roast

Logorama Part 1 Part 2 NSFW

Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death


Wednesday, 1st October, 2008
Freudian Mumbo Jumbo

I believe K is satisfying her oral fixation in the first panel. The hand gestures in panel are an ode to the great Rumiko Takahashi. If you’ve read every manga that she’s ever produced, they pop up everywhere. What do they mean? Who knows. But it’s friggin hilarious.

I really love this and this. Finding good works of art is like finding gold. Spiritual gold.


Are you looking for a way to enhance your child’s language development? Have you considered enrolling them in a preschool program that teaches Mandarin?

Research shows that learning Mandarin at an early age offers numerous benefits. By immersing your child in the language, they can acquire it more easily and develop multilingual skills. Moreover, this type of education can also enhance their cognitive abilities.

In this article, we will explore how preschool in Mandarin can greatly impact your child’s language development.

The Benefits of Learning Mandarin at an Early Age

Learning Mandarin at an early age has numerous benefits for language development. When you’re exposed to Mandarin during your preschool years, your brain is in a critical period for language acquisition. This makes it easier for you to learn and retain new words and sounds.

Research shows that children who learn Mandarin at an early age have better overall language skills compared to their monolingual peers. Not only does learning Mandarin improve your vocabulary and grammar skills, but it also enhances your cognitive abilities. This includes problem-solving, memory retention, and multitasking.

Additionally, being bilingual in Mandarin and another language can open up more opportunities for you in the future, both academically and professionally. Starting your Mandarin journey at a young age can give you a strong foundation for lifelong language development.

How Immersion in Mandarin Boosts Language Acquisition

Immerse yourself in Mandarin at preschool to supercharge your language skills. Research shows that immersion in a second language during early childhood is highly beneficial for language development. By exposing children to Mandarin on a daily basis, they are able to absorb the language naturally, just like their native tongue. Their young brains are primed for language acquisition, making it easier for them to learn and retain new vocabulary and grammar structures.

Preschools that offer Mandarin immersion programs provide an environment where children are constantly surrounded by the language. Teachers use gestures, visual aids, and repetition to help children understand and communicate effectively in Mandarin. This immersive approach enables children to develop strong listening and speaking skills, while also improving their reading and writing abilities as they progress through the program.

Through this immersive experience, children not only acquire a new language but also gain cultural awareness and appreciation. They become more open-minded individuals who can effortlessly switch between languages, giving them an advantage in our increasingly globalized society.

Developing Multilingual Skills Through Mandarin Preschool

Enroll your child in a Mandarin immersion program today and witness their ability to effortlessly switch between languages grow. Research has shown that preschoolers are uniquely equipped to learn multiple languages simultaneously, making it the ideal time to expose them to Mandarin.

By immersing your child in a Mandarin-speaking environment, they will develop multilingual skills that can have long-lasting benefits. Studies indicate that children who learn a second language at an early age exhibit improved cognitive abilities, such as enhanced problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Additionally, learning Mandarin can also enhance overall language development by improving phonetic awareness and pronunciation skills. The immersive nature of Mandarin preschool programs encourages constant exposure to the language, allowing children to absorb vocabulary and grammar structures naturally.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity for your child’s linguistic growth!

Enhancing Cognitive Abilities Through Mandarin Language Education

Research suggests that exposing children to a multilingual environment at an early age can lead to improved cognitive abilities. When it comes to language development, Mandarin preschool can be particularly beneficial.

By immersing your child in a Mandarin-speaking environment, you are providing them with the opportunity to learn and practice this complex language from an early age. Studies have shown that learning multiple languages enhances cognitive skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

The brain of a multilingual child becomes more flexible and efficient at processing information and making connections between different concepts. Additionally, exposure to Mandarin at an early age helps children develop better phonological awareness, which is crucial for reading and literacy skills.


In today’s business landscape, corporate giving has evolved into a powerful tool for organizations to make a positive impact on society. The concept of corporate giving refers to a company’s commitment to contribute resources, such as money, time, or expertise, to support social, environmental, or community initiatives. While financial success remains a primary goal for businesses, an increasing number of companies are recognizing the importance of giving back to the communities they serve. This article delves into the significance of corporate giving, its benefits, and how it can foster a positive reputation for businesses.

The Importance of Corporate Giving

Corporate giving plays a vital role in addressing various social and environmental challenges. By investing in philanthropic initiatives, businesses can contribute to the betterment of society, create positive change, and improve the lives of individuals and communities. Whether it is supporting education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, or disaster relief efforts, corporate giving allows companies to align their values and missions with initiatives that make a real difference.

corporate giving

Benefits of Corporate Giving

1. Enhanced Reputation and Brand Value: Engaging in corporate giving initiatives can significantly enhance a company’s reputation and brand value. When businesses actively contribute to causes that align with their values, it fosters a positive perception among consumers, employees, and stakeholders. A strong reputation for social responsibility can also attract top talent, as job seekers increasingly prioritize companies that demonstrate a commitment to making a positive impact.

2. Improved Employee Engagement and Retention: Corporate giving programs have a profound impact on employee engagement and retention rates. When employees witness their company investing in social causes, it fosters a sense of pride and purpose. Companies that encourage employee volunteerism or offer matching gift programs also create a strong sense of community within the organization, boosting employee morale and loyalty.

3. Competitive Advantage: In today’s highly competitive business environment, corporate giving can provide a significant competitive advantage. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact their purchasing decisions have on society. By demonstrating a commitment to corporate social responsibility, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and attract socially conscious consumers.

4. Stakeholder Trust and Long-Term Relationships: Corporate giving is instrumental in building trust among stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, investors, and the community at large. When companies actively participate in philanthropic initiatives, they demonstrate a commitment to more than just profits, fostering stronger relationships with stakeholders. This trust and goodwill can lead to long-term partnerships and collaborations, benefiting both the business and the community it operates in.

Implementing Effective Corporate Giving Programs

To ensure the success of corporate giving programs, businesses must strategize and execute their initiatives thoughtfully. Here are a few key considerations for implementing an effective corporate giving program:

1. Identify Focus Areas: Companies should identify social or environmental causes that align with their values and business operations. By focusing on specific areas, businesses can create a more significant impact and build long-lasting relationships with nonprofits or community organizations.

2. Set Measurable Goals: Establishing measurable goals is essential for tracking the progress and impact of corporate giving initiatives. Clear objectives help businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their programs, make necessary adjustments, and communicate their achievements to stakeholders.

3. Engage Employees: Actively involving employees in corporate giving programs can boost engagement and create a sense of shared purpose. Encouraging volunteerism, providing paid time off for community service, or organizing fundraising events allows employees to contribute to causes they care about, while also fostering teamwork and camaraderie.


Corporate giving is no longer just a charitable act; it has become an integral part of successful business strategies. By investing in social and environmental causes, businesses can positively impact communities and create a better world. The benefits of corporate giving extend beyond financial gains, enhancing reputation, attracting top talent, fostering stakeholder trust, and providing a competitive edge. As corporate social responsibility continues to gain prominence, companies that embrace and prioritize giving back will be better positioned to thrive in the long run.


Your shop can genuinely come to be an effective area that streams efficiently each and every day with a Linde AGV robot taking care of the routine duties. If you select to, you can also have multiple robots managing various jobs and additional boost your efficiency. Each one will certainly get the job done that they are assigned to do, and all other staff members can do the other, more crucial, work. These devices will always be ready to work when you are, as well as they will not quit till their task is done for the day. What more can you wish for in your store?

These robots can also be operated by hand, which makes them excellent for usage as a forklift when its normal routines are not necessary. You will certainly always be in complete control of the robot.

Are there any kind of work within your shop that could quickly be done with a robotic so that your workforce can be relocated to other work? They know what a part of the regular in their task is all about, maybe better than you do.

It is simple to install a computerized led vehicle Singapore. All you need to do is program it once and it will after that acknowledge different locations as well as points within your work space. It will certainly recognize where the wall surfaces are located, where the shelves can be located, where other makers are located, as well as much more. This is all many thanks to a manager software application that informs it what it needs to do. Every person else can go about their work without needing to fret that the robotic will get involved in areas that are dangerous for it or others.

The regimen is what an automatic guided automobile Singapore needs. They utilize maps, lasers, and routine to get the job done as efficiently as feasible. Their work is to ensure that every “human” worker can put their abilities to the test. Simply think of your forklift drivers. What could they truly achieve if they were transformed loose on other tasks within your company? Could they make an excellent floor manager whose sole concept is to assist your company expand?

What do you think your firm could achieve with an automatic assisted automobile Singapore? These equipments are created to take care of the ordinary regimens that come along with assembly lines, warehouses, and much more. They merely replace the man that spends his day walking from one area to the next, so that you can place him into a more important area within your service. Are you prepared to discover what they can do for you?

Your staff members earn good cash to function around your store. Do you really want to pay them to stroll back and forth? If not, a driverless robot forklift might be your suitable service. They are not created to eliminate employees, yet instead aid them end up being a lot more a part of your stockroom. By having a robot do the constant backward and forward jobs, your team can collaborate to enhance production and even more. All the robotic requires to have is a map of the flooring location that it will require to cover.

If security worries are your main reason for staying clear of robotics so far; you can quit worrying now. A new AGV robot is as safe as it is efficient. It has a 3D video camera that can acknowledge where it goes to perpetuity. If something occurs to get in its way, such as a worker or a car, the robot will certainly wait and also quit on the barrier to pass. There are also built-in alarms that will alert others that it is coming close to. These alarms are both aesthetic as well as auditory to make certain total expertise of where the machine lies.


If nobody on your team has actually ever before driven a forklift, you may want to require some people to train on it prior to you find an electric reach vehicle offer for sale. Past that, considering that it is man versus equipment, you may additionally want them to use security gear when operating it to guarantee that everyone is risk-free at the end of the day. This gear may consist of goggles, construction hats, and back braces like you would generally use in a storage facility. It is simply a preventative measure against points that might fail when relocating heavy things and working machines.

The latest electrical reach stacker up for sale might have a great deal of functions that your employees will love. They are roomy, simple to see out of, and also silent. These are very important functions in a storehouse that might resemble a great deal. If your warehouse is dark inside, there are lights on these mini-forklifts as well as they do have a horn for when the motorist needs others to relocate or to use when they require help. Just how much a lot more will your crew be able to do with aid?

reach stacker

A brand-new digital reach vehicle must have easy accessibility panels so that you can keep it with very little initiative. You will certainly want to make certain it has been taken care of by the previous owner if you are purchasing a made use of one. Thanks to access panels, this should not be as well hard to look into. You mainly just intend to make sure that everything inside looks strong, clean which the belts are excellent before you take it to your storage facility.

With suppliers that consist of names like Crown, Yale, Raymond, as well as Hyster, you will certainly need to place some believed into which electric reach vehicle available that you want. All of them will certainly have benefits and drawbacks as well as each kind of electrical reach truck will certainly have fans of that specific brand. Do you research study as well as review the evaluations to find out which one will certainly work the very best for you inside of your storehouse based on the dimension of your warehouse and also what others need to say. From there, you will have to base it on what you feel will function.

Often the finest point that you can do in a storage facility, whether it is tiny or large, is give the ideal equipment readily available to aid everybody be much more effective. If your crates, pallets, and also boxes are stackable, you might desire to consider finding out where an excellent electrical reach vehicle for sale may be located.

An electric reach truck does not need devices past the battery and also its battery charger. You might want to place some assumed right into the battery if you desire for it to last a longer amount of time, yet this will be the most significant decision you have to make past purchasing the reach truck.

If you examine it completely prior to you work out on an electrical reach stackerĀ  for sale, you need to be able to inform whether it is worth the cash or not. Make sure the fluids are clean, that it runs the ideal method, as well as that all belts are in excellent shape.

Some individuals will only search for a licensed electric reach vehicle for sale. You may want to start with a location that markets forklifts as well as store via devices investors to find the one you want if this is something that interests you as well. There are additionally reach trucks available from various other locations that might be going out of business. It is not tough to locate a bargain on them, you just need to know where to try to find what you hope to find in a forklift.


When you prepare with your domain name inventory, what you need to do later on is to obtain a domain name reseller account from a domain name registrar. You would certainly discover that running your organization would actually be a lot less of a headache when you work with a secure registrar. You will certainly delight in a great deal of benefits from having a reseller account. Mostly, you would have the ability to use much-reduced prices from the registrar when you buy your domain names. Also if you trade these domain at their normal price, the discount rate you obtained from them originally would guarantee that you still make money from the trade.

Where can you obtain domain names for your supply? Checking out domain platforms for ended domains would certainly be a great place to begin. When you end up being a domain reseller, it would certainly be your task to assess a run out domain name for the traffic volume it brings in.

It is entirely possible for you to make a nice piece of cash from selling domain names at www.active-domain.com. There are also situations when somebody came to be an immediate millionaire just since they possessed a genuinely important domain name. Going right into a venture of reselling domain names, though, is not a kind of venture where you will certainly obtain a great deal of cash without doing any job.

What do you require to do to begin up as a domain name reseller? You must develop up an inventory of domain names for sale; that is the very first thing you need to do. Your domain names are your merchandise.

These are the points you have to be aware of if you desire to make good money reselling domains. You must prepare yourself for good, old-fashioned effort when you enter the domain name reselling field. In the future, though, you will certainly discover that functioning as a domain name reseller is absolutely rewarding.

If you are up for the extra work and are creative sufficient, you can comprise brand-new domain. Hanging new domain is another technique you can utilize for accumulating your domain reseller docket. And then, once you have actually created your domain names, you must most likely to a registrar and also acquire them. However, this is a technique that is much easier claimed than done. Component of the work you require to do right here is keeping an eye out for new patterns, excavating deep into potential specific niches, as well as forecasting if entering into the specific niche would certainly spend some respectable revenues. And after that, the next point you would require to do is research study a couple of key phrases as well as create a web traffic magnet you can make use of as a new domain name.

Domain name registrars charge fees for domain reseller accounts. You will in fact obtain heftier price cuts if you get your domain with a top-level reseller account. Investing on a costs reseller account will repay in bigger returns for you later.

To succeed as a domain name reseller, you need to keep revitalizing your inventory. You need to not simply depend on what domain names you pray and own one would certainly take them off your hands.